New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Spring is the time of year we break out of our winter shell and open up to new, fresh experiences.  Why not make this spring the time to create a fresh, new experience in your home.  Why continue living the same way and never seeing change.  I’m pretty sure that is the definition of the word … [Continue reading]

School zone

School Zone

It’s back to school time and that brings lots of mixed feelings for both the parents and the children.  Feelings of stress can set in just thinking about all the carpooling and homework that the year will bring.  Being organized at home can help a great deal with the stress level. A way to help … [Continue reading]

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks


In 1972 Alice Cooper sang what every child will soon be saying; “schools out for summer!”  Well parents it’s coming sooner than you think so don’t get … [Continue reading]

SPRING Challenge

Spring has sprung!! Leanklean is challenging you to take the Leanklean SPRING clean challenge. S(sort) P(purge) R(reset) I(initiate) N(neutral) G(go). … [Continue reading]

At the heart of it


Advertising tells us that we need certain products in order for our life to run smoothly and efficiently.  However, many times the very products which … [Continue reading]

Will it be a “New” Year?

As we look back to another year gone by, we think ahead to the things we want to change in the up-coming year to make it a better one.  Here comes the … [Continue reading]

Happy Holidays!

That phrase is jam- packed full of so much hidden meaning. To some it’s celebrating with family and friends and enjoying the hype of the season; to … [Continue reading]

Avoid a School Year of Stress!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are coming to an end which means the school year is winding up.  With that brings days of early rising, lunches … [Continue reading]