At the heart of it

Humans were created to crave and need relationships.  How are yours going?  Having an organized and efficient home can help you with the very issue you crave; relationships.  Less time looking for items, shopping for items, and cleaning up unneeded clutter; will give you the time you need with those you love.

Advertising tells us that we need certain products in order for our life to run smoothly and efficiently.  However, many times the very products which claim to help us actually hurt us.  I’m not talking about physical pain; I’m talking about emotional pain.  Take a look at the cellphones, computers, iPads and all the other products that promise we will have more time with the ones we love if we just use these items.  Do these items actually provide you with more time with relationships you care about or do they distract you?  I know in my home, I have to work very hard at pulling my family away from these items just to bring us together to keep our relationships alive and thriving.

  1.  The kitchen is considered the heart of the home.  Create a flow with the cabinets, counters and appliances that will allow multiple people to cook at the same time.  Achieving a task while building relationship; bonus!
  2. Visual clutter causes emotional stress.  It’s hard to build relationship when you’re stressed.  Take the next week and clear the clutter from the room you spend the most time in.  Try to get the ones you love to help.
  3. Make clean up fun.  Put on a really fun song and allow yourself and your “crew” to clean as fast as you can till the end of the song.  It really is fun!!

It’s time to enjoy life and relationship!

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