Avoid a School Year of Stress!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are coming to an end which means the school year is winding up.  With that brings days of early rising, lunches to be made, car pooling to events and the dreaded homework.  All of the craziness of the up-coming school days can bring upon a home lots of tention if there are not processes set up in advance to insure things runs smoothly and without stress.  To avoid the clutter and chaos that can happen to you and your household, stay on top of things from the beginning.  Follow these few simple tips to avoid a school year of stress.

  1. Sunday night is a key night to the whole week.  Take some time on Sunday to relax but then prepare yourself for your week ahead.  Plan your week of meals in advance and make sure you have the groceries on hand to accomplish the meals.  You may have to go to the grocery store but one time on Sunday is better than during the week when you and the family are hungry and tired and sick of running around.  Preparing meals in advance will help you eat healthier too.
  2. Make lunches the night before while you are preparing dinner
  3. Have a dry erase board placed where everyone can see the schedule for the week to avoid any surprises or “but you didn’t tell me” conversations.
  4. Have a set time to do homework-it may be right after school; before, during preparations of dinner, or after dinner.  Decide what works for both YOU and your child(ren).  If you’re stressed from focusing on other things while trying to help with homework, the time will be unsuccessful.
  5.  The biggest tip to follow is this: Have 2 designated spots; one for homework and one for paperwork you as the parent have to go thru.  Make the spots visible for both you and the kids so everyone knows there is something that needs attention.  Also, get your children in the habit of emptying the backpack right when they get home into these spots.  Lost homework and stinky lunch boxes are not a fun way to begin your morning!!!

Setting your home up with a few simple habits from the beginning will allow you to have a successful and stress-free school year.