No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks


In 1972 Alice Cooper sang what every child will soon be saying; “schools out for summer!”  Well parents it’s coming sooner than you think so don’t get caught off guard.  Get organized now, not only with your spaces but also with your thoughts.  Plan now for the upcoming 3 months of summertime fun so there will be no summertime confusion.

1)    Plan some rainy day things to do. Put some arts and crafts together in a nicely organized bin and hide them from the kids so it will be like Christmas morning. (rain instead of snow)  A really fun way to display the art work is to hang them on a piece of twine with close line clips (probably seen this on pinterest). Hang the line across a mirror, window, ceiling, wall, fireplace,etc.  Also, new board games are fun.

2)   Organize where you want all “summer” toys, swim suits, beach towels, bikes, roller blades, etc. to go when they are done being used.

3)   Put together the rules chart in advance ; go over it with the kids and have them sign it.  Place it in a very visual place so there are no questions as to who does what and when.

4)   Think about an eating schedule so they know when they get a treat and when the meals are.

5)   A screen schedule will also need to be in order.  How many minutes do they have for TV viewing, video games, computer time, etc.  One rule I have used is for every minute you are on a screen, there is a minute of reading time.

The better organized you are before the beginning of summer, the smoother your time with your children will go.  Less stress, less fighting, more fun!!

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New Beginnings

New BeginningsSpring is the time of year we break out of our winter shell and open up to new, fresh experiences.  Why not make this spring the time to create a fresh, new experience in your home.  Why continue living the same way and never seeing change.  I’m pretty sure that is the definition of the word “insanity”.  If you want to experience new things, you have to try new things!  Makes sense right?  How about enjoying a stress-free, well-organized, happy-home experience this spring?

Go to an area in your home that causes you the most stress and take 20 minutes each day; or a chunk of time on a weekend, and begin the refreshing process.  “But Lisa, I don’t have time.”  I hear that so often.  Put into your mind that you are worth 20 minutes each day to de-stress your life.  It’s just like exercise…you’re worth the time to work on you!  When that area is done, you will “feel” so much better; you will live more efficiently.  You’ll be ready to tackle the next area.  Pretty soon your whole house will be done and you’ll be living in a new experience.  Remember, anything worth changing takes some effort.  YOU are worth it.

Create a fresh, new experience this spring.  Your life!

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Will it be a “New” Year?

As we look back to another year gone by, we think ahead to the things we want to change in the up-coming year to make it a better one.  Here comes the New Year’s resolutions.  We join health clubs to get healthy; we hire financial advisors to get our money in order; we buy products to help us stop smoking and we take classes to become further educated.  Among the top ten resolutions made are getting organized and being less- stressed.  These two actually go hand-in-hand; the more organized you become, the less stress you will have.  Most of the resolutions made require help from the outside, yet we try to get organized all on our own.  They require changing long-time habits, but we think we are strong enough to go it alone.  Hence, why getting organized is among the top five resolutions that fall quickly by the way-side.  Why try to do it alone?

  • Make an appointment with a trusted friend or relative and be accountable to it. Make sure it is someone you trust to be honest with you in the tough decisions; someone who will be able to ask you the right questions and give helpful advice. Have them over and explain to them where you want to become more organized.  Develop a list of action plans to accomplish in a desired length of time and ask them to return to see your accomplishments.
  • You may want to begin organizing in the area which causes you the most stress.  It will give you great relief.
  • Also, discuss with your family your plans to get organized and explain that you need their support.  There’s nothing worse than someone coming along behind you and un-organizing you!
  • Making labels, laminating pictures and color-coding things are great tools to help in the organization process.
  • Throw out anything that gives you negative thoughts or feelings.  Who needs um?

Getting organized and relieving stress does not have to be a daunting task when there is someone along- side you to assist with the job.  With their help, you can make this a “New” year.

Happy Holidays!

That phrase is jam- packed full of so much hidden meaning. To some it’s celebrating with family and friends and enjoying the hype of the season; to others it means complete stress and chaos. All the shopping, cooking, and craziness of turning your home into Santa’s workshop can be an over whelming task to accomplish in such a short period of time. I can sit here and tell you to just relax and enjoy the events to come, however some of our personalities don’t allow us to do that. EVERYTHING has to be perfect! As parents we feel we are creating traditions and memories for our families so it has to be done the best! Trust me….they don’t remember everything.

Staying organized during the next few weeks can be a daunting task to achieve. I want to encourage you today that while you are in the moment of the season, you CAN stay organized. Before you pull out all the decorations to use, decide where they will go first. Remove and gently store any current nic-nacs or pictures and look at the space you want to decorate empty first. One aspect that can make your home look too cluttered is putting decorations out with your current ones. Things have to be removed before others can be added. The visual of clutter will add stress to your life. Now visualize the holiday decorations in the space. Before you go shopping for decorations, try to use what you already have. This is also a great time to donate any wreaths, ornaments, nativity scenes, etc. that you have not used in years. In this economy, you can help someone else who may not be able to afford to decorate their home. What a great feeling! Those lights that don’t work (we all have them), recycle them. Beat up gift bags and wrap; recycle. De-cluttering is a great feeling and it can be done during the holidays!

Now kick up your feet and give yourself a big hug for a job well done!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!