Tips to Tackling Paper Clutter

See Lisa on Fox 11 ‘Living With Amy.

Tools Needed for Paper Organizing Process:

Recycle bin
2 “Keep” piles bins/baskets
Photo boxes

Steps to Organize Paper:

– Gather all loose paper in the house (leave files alone for later)

-Decide what space the “keep” pile is going in and how you will organize that space (use the wall with files or on counter up-right files or actual baskets/bins)

-Sit down and begin (don’t spend a lot of time reminiscing)

-Divide paper into:
Immediate Action Bin – bills, invite responses, school forms
Short-term Action Bin – receipts, school year info, monthly dues, deposits/ATM slips
Long-Term ActionFile Cabinet –Keep 1-3 yrs.: paychecks, Mortgage statements, Charitable contributions, Insurance records, Income related documents
7 years: State and Federal taxes, W-2 and 1099, Receipts used as tax deductions, Cancelled checks, Mileage reports, Real estate records

Steps to Staying organized:

Create a Command Center
▪ Calendar
▪ Chalk board-message center
▪ Immediate action bins
▪ Short-term action bins
▪ Place for receipts

Go through mail immediately-as you’re walking into the house and put in appropriate locations-discard junk mail

Rip out articles from magazines and newspapers and discard the rest

Try going paperless.

Scan important documents and photos into computer-remember to back-up computer

Pantry Make-Over

Watch Lisa on ‘Living With Amy’ pantry makeover Feb. 9, 2019

See the BIG REVEAL of this beautifully organized pantry as she helps her client “FREE” herself from the stress of disorganization!

Pantry Before LeanKlean

Pantry Before LeanKlean

Pantry after Lean Klean

Will 2019 Be a “New” Year?

As we look back to another year gone by, we think ahead to the things we want to change in the up-coming year to make it a better one.  Here comes the New Year’s resolutions.  We join health clubs to get healthy; we hire financial advisors to get our money in order; we buy products to help us stop smoking and we take classes to become further educated.  Among the top ten resolutions made are getting organized and being less- stressed.  These two actually go hand-in-hand; the more organized you become, the less stress you will have.  Most of the resolutions made require help from the outside, yet we try to get organized all on our own.  They require changing long-time habits, but we think we are strong enough to go it alone.  Hence, why getting organized is among the top five resolutions that fall quickly by the way-side.  Why try to do it alone?

  • Make an appointment with a trusted friend or relative and be accountable to it. Make sure it is someone you trust to be honest with you in the tough decisions; someone who will be able to ask you the right questions and give helpful advice. Have them over and explain to them where you want to become more organized.  Develop a list of action plans to accomplish in a desired length of time and ask them to return to see your accomplishments.
  • You may want to begin organizing in the area which causes you the most stress.  It will give you great relief.
  • Also, discuss with your family your plans to get organized and explain that you need their support.  There’s nothing worse than someone coming along behind you and un-organizing you!
  • Making labels, laminating pictures and color-coding things are great tools to help in the organization process.
  • Throw out anything that gives you negative thoughts or feelings.  Who needs um?

Getting organized and relieving stress does not have to be a daunting task when there is someone along- side you to assist with the job.  With their help, you can make this a “New” year.