No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks


In 1972 Alice Cooper sang what every child will soon be saying; “schools out for summer!”  Well parents it’s coming sooner than you think so don’t get caught off guard.  Get organized now, not only with your spaces but also with your thoughts.  Plan now for the upcoming 3 months of summertime fun so there will be no summertime confusion.

1)    Plan some rainy day things to do. Put some arts and crafts together in a nicely organized bin and hide them from the kids so it will be like Christmas morning. (rain instead of snow)  A really fun way to display the art work is to hang them on a piece of twine with close line clips (probably seen this on pinterest). Hang the line across a mirror, window, ceiling, wall, fireplace,etc.  Also, new board games are fun.

2)   Organize where you want all “summer” toys, swim suits, beach towels, bikes, roller blades, etc. to go when they are done being used.

3)   Put together the rules chart in advance ; go over it with the kids and have them sign it.  Place it in a very visual place so there are no questions as to who does what and when.

4)   Think about an eating schedule so they know when they get a treat and when the meals are.

5)   A screen schedule will also need to be in order.  How many minutes do they have for TV viewing, video games, computer time, etc.  One rule I have used is for every minute you are on a screen, there is a minute of reading time.

The better organized you are before the beginning of summer, the smoother your time with your children will go.  Less stress, less fighting, more fun!!

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