School zone

School Zone

It’s back to school time and that brings lots of mixed feelings for both the parents and the children.  Feelings of stress can set in just thinking about all the carpooling and homework that the year will bring.  Being organized at home can help a great deal with the stress level.

A way to help the morning chaos of “looking for” the homework, lunch, keys, show-n-tell, etc. is to set up a school zone at home. This is a place where everything related to the school day goes. If you don’t have a mudroom, set aside an area in the kitchen or a hallway.  Label baskets or bins with each child’s name.  EVERYTHING related to school goes here. Get your child in the habit of coming home and going right to the school zone. When homework is done, it goes right back in the school zone.  Lunches are made and put in the school zone.  I think you get the idea.

The school zone isn’t just to cross the street to get to school; it’s a place to help relieve stress from the daily routine of getting out the door and coming home from school.

Have a stress-free school year!

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New Beginnings

New BeginningsSpring is the time of year we break out of our winter shell and open up to new, fresh experiences.  Why not make this spring the time to create a fresh, new experience in your home.  Why continue living the same way and never seeing change.  I’m pretty sure that is the definition of the word “insanity”.  If you want to experience new things, you have to try new things!  Makes sense right?  How about enjoying a stress-free, well-organized, happy-home experience this spring?

Go to an area in your home that causes you the most stress and take 20 minutes each day; or a chunk of time on a weekend, and begin the refreshing process.  “But Lisa, I don’t have time.”  I hear that so often.  Put into your mind that you are worth 20 minutes each day to de-stress your life.  It’s just like exercise…you’re worth the time to work on you!  When that area is done, you will “feel” so much better; you will live more efficiently.  You’ll be ready to tackle the next area.  Pretty soon your whole house will be done and you’ll be living in a new experience.  Remember, anything worth changing takes some effort.  YOU are worth it.

Create a fresh, new experience this spring.  Your life!

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