From Jenna:
Lisa is helping me get my life back! Disorganization has cost me so many things….time (looking for things) and money (buying replacements) and sometimes my sanity!
Since working with Lisa I have so much more time and I now have an uncluttered mind along with the organized spaces in my home.
My previously dreaded and overwhelming task of getting organized has actually become enjoyable with Lisa. Her positive energy in contagious, and she has a wonderful way helping me look at an issue in a positive way, and fix it.
I love how Lisa works with me in developing new organizational systems, so that I am able to maintain the organization– – having been part of the process of figuring out what will work best for me and my family.


From Kathy:
Lisa is kind-hearted and non-judgemental. It is not easy letting someone into your home to see a less-than-perfect situation, but I never felt bad about the disorganization when working with her.


From Mary:
For the first time I was comfortable letting a person into my home to work on things that would normally have me feeling very distressed and uneasy!


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